Where can I find the Boston Strip Steak????

April 13th, 2016

boston strip steak

Where can I find a Boston Strip Steak?


Well, we’ve told you a bit about the mouthwatering Boston Strip Steak, whet your appetite, peaked your interest and quite possibly entered your dreams. For steak lovers in New England the question is – where can I find a Boston Strip Steak?


First hint – friend us on Face Book! We will post the restaurants and their locations – this will aid you in your search for this piece of steak heaven.


Are we overstating when we say when we say this will possibly be the tastiest, juiciest and finest cut of steak you will ever have?   We don’t believe we are. We’re starting a Revolution – a Revolution of Strip Steak!   With portion control and quality – along with excellent customer service, we want to spread the word that the Boston Strip Steak is here!


So welcome to our family Shell & Bones Oyster Bar and Grill! Located at 100 S Water St, whether you are local to New Haven, Ct or visiting – stop in for either an 8 or 12 ounce perfectly cooked Boston Strip Steak. You’ll become a devotee; you’ll ask your butcher for the Boston Strip Steak, you’ll search other New England towns and cities for it. Yes you will join the Revolution of Boston Strip Steak.


Contact us at http://www.bostonstripsteak.com/

12 Taylor Avenue, Brockton, MA 02032
t: (508)-941-0458 f: (508)-586-8551


We welcome your questions and comments!

Cuts of Beef Explained

April 5th, 2016

How is your knowledge on cuts of beef? Most of us have been eating and buying meat, whether from a butcher or a fine restaurant, for most of our lives.   We have a general idea of what is a better cut than another but other than a basic understanding are lost. By not really knowing the different cuts of beef we tend to stay within our comfort zone when buying or ordering beef. Our aim is to open up your taste buds and expand your options the next time you order beef.

As you can see from the image there are quite a few cuts of beef. We all have heard of sirloin or tenderloin, rib eye or flank. But what is the difference? Which is better grilled or for a stew? That is important knowledge when buying for personal consumption or ordering from a white linen restaurant that offers South Shore Meats selection.

There are too many for one blog post so you will see us discuss this in different posts, we will also clue you in on Veal, Lamb and Pork. Your palate will appreciate it and so will your wallet.  Welcome to the world of BEEF!

Today is an introduction – in other blogs we will get to specifics.

Lets start with the reason one cut is more tender than another. It is directly related to how much the muscle is used during the steers’ life.   Without getting very technical, (do you really need to know what a Longissimus dorsi is?), I will try to use very basic terms wherever possible. You don’t need to be an expert in the language of beef to know the difference in the cuts. As you can see the steer is divided into several areas. Some are where the most tender cuts of beef are found and others where ground or stew beef is located.

At South Shore Meats we believe an educated consumer is the best consumer. Your clientele will appreciate your menu even more now that they can be a bit more adventurous in ordering.

 BeefCutMapBigger pic



Image courtesy of http://visual.ly/cuts-beef



What is South Shore Meats?

March 2nd, 2016

What is South Shore Meats?

Tradition ** Quality ** Customer Service

South Shore Meats commitment to its customers starts with the above goals, which all of our employees strive to meet each and every day. Those 3 goals are the hallmark of our company and have been since our company was opened.

ssm post pic

So what is South Shore Meats? It is a company steeped in tradition and history. From our humble beginnings in 1917 as a family owned Italian grocery store, C Crocetti and Son to our various companies we now own we have never moved away from the basic tenets that Carlo, Vincenza and Alfred Crocetti began with; Tradition, Quality and Customer Service. We started with the family sausage recipe and for over 35 years the business thrived in South Boston. Over those 35 years in addition to our Italian Sausage business we expanded, adding other Italian meats and deli specialties. With our family’s 3rd generation member Carl Crocetti joining the business we began to expand to the wholesale levels supplying Boston area restaurants and delis. Throughout all the expansion our secret family sausage recipe remained unchanged.

Our company continued to grow and in 1977 Alfred and Carl moved their operation to East Bridgewater, MA. Still specializing in Italian Sausage there was also an expansion and we began to offer all cuts of heavy western steer – specializing in Choice, Prime and Angus.   At that time we also expanded our product line to include port, lamb and veal. At this time we created the signature Oakdale Farms product line which was in addition to continuing the Crocetti’s product line.

Our next big growth was in 1990. While still maintaining Oakdale Packing Company the Crocetti family opened South Shore Meats in Brockton, MA. South Shore Meats concentrated primarily on providing all the major food service distributors in the NE areas with portion control cuts of veal, lamb, pork and beef. Stay tuned to our blog, in the coming weeks we will be discussing our product lines in depth.

As we grew over the years we have never forgotten our roots and the goals of Carlo and Vincenza Crocetti – providing our customers with quality products, exemplary customer service and the tradition that is our heritage.

What is a Boston Strip Steak?

February 10th, 2016

boston strip steak 2

What is a Boston Strip Steak?

There has been an ongoing shift in the world of pork and beef; the redefining of the various cuts as the industry reinvents itself over and over again. As a restaurant owner or chef the first step is to learn the correct terms for the different areas where the cut of beef is located and then within that the specific cuts are called.   It’s been found that the ‘scientific name’ is different from the named used in restaurants and butcher shops. What starts to happen is a new nickname starts being used in a butchers or on a menu and before anyone realizes it that nickname takes off and becomes part of the lexicon of meat.

One of the cuts of meat we have introduced is the Boston Strip Steak. Essentially it’s a cross cut from the bottom sirloin flap. But the result is far from that dry a description. It is a delectable cut of beef which deserves center of the plate presentation in any of the finest white cloth restaurants.   South Shore Meats is proud to have re launched the Boston Strip Steak in 2014 and along with the cut of beef we even have a website www.bostonstripsteak.com !   Any restaurant owner or butcher that has questions please avail yourself of the opportunity to ask us any questions and you can receive information in your time frame via an email. If you would like the personal touch of course we are happy to speak to you!

The Boston Strip Steak is a higher cut of beef than most of its like named counterparts. At South Shore Meats we are constantly striving to find and then introduce new center of the plate options to keep your clientele returning as they are finding items in your establishment that is not in others. “Once discovered, It became part of our standard offerings due to its flavor intensity and unique bite,” said Carlo Crocetti of South Shore Meats. “It is a prime example of the Old World craftsmanship that has made South Shore the preferred wholesale portion control meat manufacturing facility in New England


Boston Strip Steak

*** Because a steak from the City of Champions needs its own title ***

Visit our website http://www.bostonstripsteak.com

Two new restaurants serving up the Boston Strip Steak

October 13th, 2014

South Shore Meats is proud to announce that the Boston Strip Steak is now being served at both the Barker Tavern in Scituate, MA and the Publick House in Brookline.

The chefs at both establishments cooked this unique cut side-by-side with the New York Strip and have chosen the Boston Strip Steak for its customers. Visit both of these fine establishments and enjoy the Boston Strip Steak paired with your favorite wine or pint of Octoberfest.

The Boston Strip Steak  has been part of the South Shore Meats repertoire for generations due to its flavor intensity, juiciness, and unique bite.
To learn more about this unique cut and how you can easily add the Boston Strip Steak to your menu, call South Shore Meats (508)-941-0458 or visit our website.

The Cowboy Ribeye

September 29th, 2014

 Where does the gorgeous “Cowboy Ribeye” on your menu originate from?

The Portion Control Specialists, otherwise known as South Shore Meats, reveal how to properly portion the Cowboy Ribeye Steak. http://youtu.be/NNaCQjcKC1E      

It’s all about quality and control.

View how these artists craft their work so your restaurant can serve up only the finest meats offered. http://www.southshoremeatsonline.com/video/

The difference between the Porterhouse and the T-Bone

September 22nd, 2014

The Tenderloin Filet extends into the short loin section. A tenderloin filet is a long tubular shape that is thicker at one end and thinner on the opposite end. 

The Porterhouse is cut from the rear-end of the short loin which contains a larger portion of filet. The T-bone is cut from the front end of the short sirloin which has a smaller filet portion.  

To be called a Porterhouse, its filet portion must be at least 1.25 inches thick.

The filet on the T-bone must be at least 0.5 inches thick. The T-bone would include any portion of filet between 1.24 and 0.5 inches thick. Any filet portion at or above 1.25 inches thick would be a Porterhouse.     

Carlo Crocetti, President and CEO of South Shore Meats recommends these specialty steaks are cooked at 600 degrees  “medium rare 120 degree internal temp, then sitting 3 to 4 minutes to let the juices set in.”

Pairing the Boston Strip Steak with your favorite OctoberFest Beer

September 16th, 2014

Tis the season!  Some would say it is the finest of all beer seasons as Octoberfest brings with it the best-tasting beers of the year.  

What’s better than an incredible juicy steak?  An incredible juicy Boston Strip Steak with a perfect pint of Octoberfest.  

Carlo Crocetti, CEO and President of South Shore Meats enjoys his Boston Strip Steak with a Samuel Adams Octoberfest.

Crocetti recommends the Boston Strip as the perfect complement to these seasonal brews.

 “Any of your favorite Octoberfest or Pumpkin Beers will pair nicely with a Boston Strip Steak,” he said.

For more information about the Boston Strip Steak, visit bostonstripsteak.com

Portion control comes to the rescue of rising prices

July 29th, 2014

News came out this week that cattle futures have climbed 17 percent this year and ground beef hovers near all-time highs at $3.88 per pound.  Similarly, boneless-sirloin steak reached $7.69 per pound.

It is the old story of supply and demand.

Its summer in America, grilling time, (hence the demand), and ranchers recovering from years of drought have produced the smallest cattle herd since 1951. Cattle slaughter through July 19 was down 6.8 percent in 2014 from a year earlier, USDA data shows. Prolonged drought has parched pastures in Texas, the top U.S. producer.

So what can a restaurateur do in such trying times?

Many are passing on the cost to the consumer. Prices are up in groceries. Chains like Chipotle have increased steak prices by up to 9 percent. California’s Fatburger chain has raised beef prices by 25 cents per pound.

At South Shore Meats, we tout the practice of portion control.

South Shore Meats is developing creative, portion control strategies to help restaurateurs deliver prime cuts without cutting into profits.

South Shore Meats is New England’s premier wholesale portion control meat manufacturing facility manufacturing the absolute finest cuts of Beef, Pork, Lamb and Veal for white-tablecloth establishments throughout the Northeast. This fourth generation, family run business combines state-of-the-art portion control concepts with Old World craftsmanship.

The company specializes in unique solutions for providing the finest center-of-the-plate cuts while streamlining operations and increasing profits. South Shore Meats has created a new paradigm of Quality, Consistency, and Profitability for the wholesale meat industry.

For example, South Shore Meats produces a 3 oz. medallion from a 6 oz. Tenderloin tail that is the by-product of the Filet Mignon.

Here you have the cut and quality of the beef impacting your bottom line at several different levels with different products, from the filet to the medallion.  Restaurants that think they are saving money by buying primal cuts and cutting their own steaks are losing out by incurring high trim costs. The South Shore Meats approach avoids those lost savings.

The company has also developed the Boston Strip Steak, a high-end cut that is fresh, tender, and flavorful, and fills a void in the center-of-the-plate marketplace.

South Shore Meats continues to innovate in an effort to make portion control and price control synonymous, maximizing profits for our customers and quality for yours!

Carlo Crocetti


South Shore Meats launches Boston Strip Steak website

June 2nd, 2014

Specialty cut rivals the much-hyped “Vegas Strip” steak and is a centerpiece for South Shore Meats expansive line of products

South Shore Meats,  a fourth generation, family run business that combines state-of-the-art portion control concepts with Old World craftsmanship to provide the finest center-of-the-plate cuts, has launched bostonstripsteak.com to tout the virtues of its unique Boston Strip cut.

South Shore Meats is New England’s premier wholesale portion control meat manufacturing facility, producing the absolute finest cuts of Beef, Pork, Lamb and Veal for white-tablecloth establishments throughout the Northeast. 

The company’s commitment to excellence has allowed South Shore Meats to create a new paradigm of Quality, Consistency, and Profitability for the wholesale meat industry.

Included in that new paradigm is the re-introduction of the Boston Strip Steak, a cut that has been part of the South Shore Meats repertoire for generations.

“Once discovered, it became part of our standard offerings due to its flavor intensity, juiciness, and unique bite,” said Carlo Crocetti of South Shore Meats.  “It is a prime example of the Old World craftsmanship that has made South Shore the preferred wholesale portion control meat manufacturing facility in New England.”

Crocetti is quick to point out that Boston Strip is a much higher-end cut than the much publicized “Vegas Strip” that was developed by meat researchers at Oklahoma State University.

“The Vegas Strip Steak came out with a lot of press but failed to live up to the hype,” he said. “Conversely, the Boston Strip Steak has all the attributes.  It’s new, fresh, extremely tender, flavorful and hip. It’s the development of products like this that keep South Shore Meats at the forefront of true innovation.”

As part of the promotion to re-introduce the Boston Strip Steak, South Shore Meats has launched Bostonstripsteak.com, a dedicated web presence that acts as a portal for more information on uses for this unique cut.

“This website will broadcast a new product that is truly innovative,” said Crocetti. “It will fill many ‘center of the plate’ solutions that are lacking in the marketplace.”

The product is tagged with an appropriate parochial slogan; “because a steak from the City of Champions needs its own title.”

For more information on the Boston Strip Steak, visit bostonstripsteak.com. For more information on South Shore Meats and its expansive line of center-of-the-plate products, visit southshoremeatsonline.com.