South Shore Meats launches Boston Strip Steak website

June 2nd, 2014

Specialty cut rivals the much-hyped “Vegas Strip” steak and is a centerpiece for South Shore Meats expansive line of products

South Shore Meats,  a fourth generation, family run business that combines state-of-the-art portion control concepts with Old World craftsmanship to provide the finest center-of-the-plate cuts, has launched to tout the virtues of its unique Boston Strip cut.

South Shore Meats is New England’s premier wholesale portion control meat manufacturing facility, producing the absolute finest cuts of Beef, Pork, Lamb and Veal for white-tablecloth establishments throughout the Northeast. 

The company’s commitment to excellence has allowed South Shore Meats to create a new paradigm of Quality, Consistency, and Profitability for the wholesale meat industry.

Included in that new paradigm is the re-introduction of the Boston Strip Steak, a cut that has been part of the South Shore Meats repertoire for generations.

“Once discovered, it became part of our standard offerings due to its flavor intensity, juiciness, and unique bite,” said Carlo Crocetti of South Shore Meats.  “It is a prime example of the Old World craftsmanship that has made South Shore the preferred wholesale portion control meat manufacturing facility in New England.”

Crocetti is quick to point out that Boston Strip is a much higher-end cut than the much publicized “Vegas Strip” that was developed by meat researchers at Oklahoma State University.

“The Vegas Strip Steak came out with a lot of press but failed to live up to the hype,” he said. “Conversely, the Boston Strip Steak has all the attributes.  It’s new, fresh, extremely tender, flavorful and hip. It’s the development of products like this that keep South Shore Meats at the forefront of true innovation.”

As part of the promotion to re-introduce the Boston Strip Steak, South Shore Meats has launched, a dedicated web presence that acts as a portal for more information on uses for this unique cut.

“This website will broadcast a new product that is truly innovative,” said Crocetti. “It will fill many ‘center of the plate’ solutions that are lacking in the marketplace.”

The product is tagged with an appropriate parochial slogan; “because a steak from the City of Champions needs its own title.”

For more information on the Boston Strip Steak, visit For more information on South Shore Meats and its expansive line of center-of-the-plate products, visit

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