Portion control comes to the rescue of rising prices

July 29th, 2014

News came out this week that cattle futures have climbed 17 percent this year and ground beef hovers near all-time highs at $3.88 per pound.  Similarly, boneless-sirloin steak reached $7.69 per pound.

It is the old story of supply and demand.

Its summer in America, grilling time, (hence the demand), and ranchers recovering from years of drought have produced the smallest cattle herd since 1951. Cattle slaughter through July 19 was down 6.8 percent in 2014 from a year earlier, USDA data shows. Prolonged drought has parched pastures in Texas, the top U.S. producer.

So what can a restaurateur do in such trying times?

Many are passing on the cost to the consumer. Prices are up in groceries. Chains like Chipotle have increased steak prices by up to 9 percent. California’s Fatburger chain has raised beef prices by 25 cents per pound.

At South Shore Meats, we tout the practice of portion control.

South Shore Meats is developing creative, portion control strategies to help restaurateurs deliver prime cuts without cutting into profits.

South Shore Meats is New England’s premier wholesale portion control meat manufacturing facility manufacturing the absolute finest cuts of Beef, Pork, Lamb and Veal for white-tablecloth establishments throughout the Northeast. This fourth generation, family run business combines state-of-the-art portion control concepts with Old World craftsmanship.

The company specializes in unique solutions for providing the finest center-of-the-plate cuts while streamlining operations and increasing profits. South Shore Meats has created a new paradigm of Quality, Consistency, and Profitability for the wholesale meat industry.

For example, South Shore Meats produces a 3 oz. medallion from a 6 oz. Tenderloin tail that is the by-product of the Filet Mignon.

Here you have the cut and quality of the beef impacting your bottom line at several different levels with different products, from the filet to the medallion.  Restaurants that think they are saving money by buying primal cuts and cutting their own steaks are losing out by incurring high trim costs. The South Shore Meats approach avoids those lost savings.

The company has also developed the Boston Strip Steak, a high-end cut that is fresh, tender, and flavorful, and fills a void in the center-of-the-plate marketplace.

South Shore Meats continues to innovate in an effort to make portion control and price control synonymous, maximizing profits for our customers and quality for yours!

Carlo Crocetti


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