Two new restaurants serving up the Boston Strip Steak

October 13th, 2014

South Shore Meats is proud to announce that the Boston Strip Steak is now being served at both the Barker Tavern in Scituate, MA and the Publick House in Brookline.

The chefs at both establishments cooked this unique cut side-by-side with the New York Strip and have chosen the Boston Strip Steak for its customers. Visit both of these fine establishments and enjoy the Boston Strip Steak paired with your favorite wine or pint of Octoberfest.

The Boston Strip Steak  has been part of the South Shore Meats repertoire for generations due to its flavor intensity, juiciness, and unique bite.
To learn more about this unique cut and how you can easily add the Boston Strip Steak to your menu, call South Shore Meats (508)-941-0458 or visit our website.

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