South Shore Meats touts portion control to combat rising prices

June 20th, 2013

South Shore Meats, the Northeast region’s leading center-of-the-plate portion control specialists, develops strategy in the face of rising commodity prices.

With no end in sight to the steady rise of beef commodity pricing, South Shore Meats is developing creative, portion control strategies to help restaurateurs deliver prime cuts with cutting into profits. The strategy is in response to pricing that has risen steadily since 2000.

“Between the cattle ranchers limiting the kills and our ongoing increased exporting, I really do not see any relief coming our way in the food service industry any time soon,” says Carlo Crocetti of South Shore Meats. “With these high prices being the ‘new norm’, it can be extremely daunting to come up with creative, culinary ways to make up profit shortfalls.”

The answer may lie in portion control, a specialty of South Shore Meats, a USDA certified manufacturing facility.

The company specializes in unique solutions for providing the finest center-of-the-plate cuts while streamlining operations and increasing profits. South Shore Meats has created a new paradigm of Quality, Consistency, and Profitability for the wholesale meat industry.

As an example, Crocetti points to the art and science that goes in to creating a 3 oz. medallion.

“We create the 3oz Medallion from the 6oz Tenderloin Tail which is a bi-product from the Filet Mignons that are processed daily,” he said. “As we cut down the Tenderloin we are left with a 6oz tail. The first cut is the 3oz Medallion and the leftover tip is mixed in with my random weight Tenderloin Medallions.”

The cut, quality, and pricing create a high-end product with maximum profitability for the restaurateur.

South Shore Meats is New England’s premier wholesale portion control meat manufacturing facility manufacturing the absolute finest cuts of Beef, Pork, Lamb and Veal for white-tablecloth establishments throughout the Northeast. This fourth generation, family run business combines state-of-the-art portion control concepts with Old World craftsmanship to provide the finest center-of-the-plate cuts in the industry.

South Shore Meats is located at 12 Taylor Avenue in Brockton, Ma and provides portion control cuts to all major food distributors in New England. More information is available online at


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