South Shore Meats hails alternative steak cut

December 28th, 2013

Specialty cut rivals the much-hyped “Vegas Strip” steak

While the food and beverage media falls all over itself to promote the new “Vegas Strip,” South Shore Meats continues to deliver the higher-end “Boston Strip” to its clients throughout the Northeast.

The “Boston Strip” is a much better cut.

After several years of trial and error and support from the meat researchers at Oklahoma State University, Dr. Tony Mata has a brand new discovery that he calls the Vegas Strip.

It comes from an uninspiring area of the carcass that butchers tended to turn into ground chuck, but Mata insisted there was a jewel in all that fat, cartilage and gristle. For his efforts, Mata has become quite a media darling, appearing on the national news to tout his find.

Mata told CBS News’ Dean Reynolds that if you used “standard butchering procedures, following the seam” on the piece of meat in question, there’s no way to get a good cut. However, if you follow his patented procedure, which he’s trained butchers to perform in as little as 25 seconds, one can actually trim the bad from the good.

With all due respect to the “researchers” at Oklahoma State, simply cutting around fat, gristle, and cartilage doesn’t guarantee a good steak.

At South Shore Meats, we have much larger sample size than the “several years of trial and error,” that now gives us the Vegas Strip.

We have been using the Boston Strip cut for generations.

The Boston Strip comes from the bottom sirloin butt. Once discovered, it became part of our standard offerings due to its flavor intensity, juiciness, and unique bite. It is a prime example of the Old World craftsmanship that has made South Shore the preferred wholesale portion control meat manufacturing facility in New England.

The Boston Strip is perfect for marinating, as this particular cut’s unique attribute is the ability of the muscle to absorb outside flavors.

The Boston Strip is best grilled from rare to medium rare with a pinch of fresh ground black pepper and a healthy dusting of kosher sea salt. Let steak rest for two to three minutes, then slice against the grain and fan around the plate with whatever sides are desired.

South Shore Meats is a fourth generation, family run business that combines state-of-the-art portion control concepts with Old World craftsmanship to provide the finest center-of-the-plate cuts available.

We won’t be using the Vegas Strip.

All the best – 

Carlo Crocetti

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