Porterhouse VS. T-Bones

February 13th, 2012

Sometimes I really don’t understand why a majority of steak-eaters prefer Porterhouse Steaks over T-Bone Steaks. Don’t get me wrong, I love just about any steak, but it’s this phenomenon that gets me thinking. Most people that prefer Porterhouse Steaks say it’s because they like the larger piece of tenderloin. I can understand the reason why people enjoy a larger piece of filet, after all it is the most tender steak on the animal.

 The part that most carnivores don’t see is that with most Porterhouse Steaks, due to the fact that both steaks are cut from the same primal, you are getting the end cut of the Sirloin Strip. The end cut has a nerve that runs down at an angle to the end of the Sirloin Strip. This may cause the Porterhouse Steak to have a tougher chew on the sirloin side. The T-Bone on the other hand has a smaller piece of Tenderloin, but also the “Center Cut” of the Sirloin Strip.

 If the choice was mine, I would choose a T-Bone over a Porterhouse any day of the week.

 Which steak would be your choice?


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