Google “steak-out” reveals Mickey D’s meaty ingredients

September 24th, 2013

Is the new steak option really an upgrade?

Let me start out by saying I am not anti-McDonald’s.

I am not exactly the poster child for healthy eating and have indulged myself quite a few times on McMuffins on the way to work. Sometimes eating crappy food can be a guilty-pleasure.

However, as the operator of South Shore Meats, New England’s premier wholesale portion control meat manufacturing facility, producing the absolute finest cuts of Beef, Pork, Lamb and Veal for white-tablecloth establishments throughout the Northeast, my radar goes up when fast-food types start talking about steak.

McDonald’s recently announced it was launching “a new thick, juicy steak” as an option on all of the company’s available breakfast sandwiches.

Okay. Fast-food restaurants don’t typically don’t go all out when it comes to meat, chicken, and fish. We’ve all seen the chicken nuggets-beached-with-ammonia video circulating on social media.

So what exactly are the ingredients of this “new thick, juicy steak?”

Now you might think that as a fourth generation center-of-the-plate meat cutter, I would have inside information on what McDonald’s is using for beef.

Nope. I went to Google.

Here is what I found.

Previously, this “steak” option was only available on the bagel breakfast sandwich.

The main ingredient is “beef.” That piece of beef has over 1150 grams of sodium. 255 milligrams of cholesterol and 230 of its 550 calories coming from fat. That’s before you put it on a muffin with American cheese, onions, and liquid margarine.

The article states says “on the positive side it raises the menu quality.”


As portion control specialists, we at South Shore Meats would suggest leaving 1150 grams of sodium out of your breakfast options.

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